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Restoration Members' Forum

Join us for this day of fellowship and discussion as we work together to discuss the matters of the Restoration Branch movement at large.  Pastors and their Restoration branches have been invited to submit issues and questions for discussion.  Your voice needs to be heard!  Please come and share in this experience with your brothers and sisters!

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Discussion Topics:

  • “According to D&C 122:16-17, what are some things that we can agree on and work together on?”
  • “Gathering – Is gathering to the Center Place still an important mandate?”
  • “Authority – What can we agree on when it relates to authority?”
  • “Can we create a database/application of gifts and talents of the restoration to be shared for the building of the Kingdom?”
  • Youth Outreach
  • Book of Mormon
  • “Can we all be better prepared to love as the Lord told us to love and to be ready for Zion and the return of Christ?”

CLICK HERE to view the FULL forum agenda with guiding questions.


Waldo Ave Restoration Branch
819 W Waldo Ave
Independence, MO 64050


Zoom Participation:

If you live outside the Centerplace, please join us on Zoom at:
There will be full Zoom interaction available– please come prepared to participate!




Restoration Members' Forum

March 9th @ 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Waldo Ave Restoration Branch
819 W. Waldo Avenue Independence, MO 64050