Established in 1995, the Conference of Restoration Elders (“CRE”) is an association of Restoration Branch priesthood striving to support the work of the Restored Gospel.  The CRE provides various ministries to the Restoration Branches, including domestic & foreign outreach; women’s, youth, & priesthood ministry; financial ministries; publications & media; joint worship events; and branch priesthood support.

As of 2022, we are undergoing efforts to revive the ministry and support that the CRE can provide to the branches as we see to work toward the Kingdom with one another.

The CRE exists to:

  1. Organize the coming together of Melchisedec Priesthood, as well as the Aaronic Priesthood and members for:
    • Spiritual preparation and to unify our efforts on behalf of the work to which we are called.
    • Much needed fellowship and fraternity to prepare us to defend and preserve the faith.
    • Identify and seek divine guidance concerning the critical issues now confronting the church.
    • Chart a course of action that will maintain the gospel as restored in 1830.
  2. Support Restoration Branches in their efforts to work together.
  3. Provide needed resources to Branches and members as they are requested.
  4. Offer ongoing support and resources to Restoration priesthood.
  5. Offer support to the elders to take the gospel message to the world.