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Printable Study Guides


        • The Great Commission: Gospel Principles - Andrew King [Study Guide]
This booklet is designed for priesthood to use so that they can become more familiar with some important pillars of the gospel. It covers twelve principles and is meant to be somewhat vague in order to not dictate how one might share these principles.
        • The Great Commission: Gospel Questions - Andrew King [Study Guide]
This booklet is much shorter and is meant to be used as a study guide for members and new members. This booklet focuses on five basic questions:
            • Who is God?
            • Why should we believe in Him?
            • How does God communicate with us?
            • What does God say we should do?
            • What are God's promises?
Each section has a very short intro, a few scripture references to get someone started, tables where someone could fill in their own references, and questions to consider. For each question, I hope that people will follow these four steps:
 1. Answer the question using at least 3 to 5 scripture references, as well as testimonies. (Please note that we will help you get started by providing some scripture references of our own. The tables however are meant for you to fill in with references).
 2. Examine how the topic impacts you and others as you find scripture references, in other words, explain why it’s important. Why should someone care?
 3. Take time to examine how someone might fulfill the topic in practical terms. Are there other principles or steps involved? Do you have life experiences that could help someone understand the topic?
 4. Finally, think about how you might teach or share on the subject. Breakdown what you’ve learned and organize it in such a way that the hearer will understand what’s most important to them.