• Unit 1 – References to the office of Teacher in Scripture [PowerPoint pdf] [PowerPoint pptx]
        • Unit 2 – Sanctification and Preparation of the priesthood for service
        • Unit 3 – A detailed review of the specific functions listed in Section 17:11
        • Unit 4 – Counsel to those ordained to this office
(Notes and References taken from the publication – Ministry of the Teacher; available at Price Publishing)
There is a uniqueness to the office of Teacher, in that it receives little mention in either the Bible or Book of Mormon, and only some discussion in the Doctrine and Covenants.  Yet, when we consider the specific functions given to the office in Section 17: 11, we see a very vibrant and dynamic ministry, free from the ordinances and standing ministry.  We see a ministry focused on the heart of the members, their families, and their Christian conduct.  We see the Teacher bringing healing, wholeness, and preparation among the members.
Giving space to the well-written “Ministry of the Teacher” published by Price Publishing, we wish to provide a study class with that material in mind, while also expanding on the functions of the office. - Robert Gillam