2018 Restoration Branch Reunions (Print Vestion)

June 4-9 Zion's Ridge,  Independence, Missouri - Contact: Ray Lane 816-650-6573

June 9-16 Central Missouri at Odessa Hills, Odessa, MO - Contact: Judi Smith 816-633-4199 or odessahills.com 816-230-4000

June 10-16 South Crysler,  Graceland University in Lamoni Iowa - Contact: Paul and Lynnette Davis 816-795-0703

June 24-29 Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders, Waldo Avenue RB/Center Place Restoration School in Independence, Missouri, Sponsored by the CRE and Pastors of Zion (POZ) - Contact: CRE Office 816-836-3421 or CRE website: www.eldersconference.org 

June 30-July 7 Buckner Restoration Branch, Odessa Hills Campgrounds in Odessa, Missouri - Contact: Eric Baker 816-765-8802

July 21-28 Woodbine Reunion, at Little Sioux, Iowa - Contact: Alan Ronk 712-592-1977

July 23-29 Great Lakes Regional Reunion, Vassar, Michigan - Contact: Helene Danicki 248-651-3208

July 30-Aug 5 Northwest Regional Reunion, Vancouver, Washington RB - Contact: Brian Herren 503-949-2484

July 28- Aug 3 Kirtland Area Family Reunion, Temple Grove in Transfer, Pennsylvania - Contact: Peter Peterson 440-862-1029

July 28-Aug 4 Maine Restoration Reunion, Brooksville, Maine - Contact: Richard Leighton 207-217-8453

If any corrections need to be made, contact Paul Gage at 816-833-6552 or pauljg_64055@yahoo.com


2018 Restoration Branch Youth Camps (Print Version)

June 10-16 Jr. High-Sr. High, at Little Sioux, Iowa - Contact: Dave and Karla Hamblen 402-659-8211
July 7-12 Junior Camp at Little Sioux, Iowa - Contact: Gina Birdsall  712-456-2048

Dates: TBA Jr and Sr. High Zion's Youth Camp, Location and Contact: TBD
July 15-21 Children's Camp (Grades 3-7), Eric Beach, ON CANADA

CENTRAL MISSOURI RESTORATION BRANCHES, ODESSA HILLS, MISSOURI   "Answer the Call" James 1:22  (Grades are for the upcoming school year)
May 20-26 Older Youth (College age/unmarried)
June 3-7 Junior Camp (Grades 3-7) Directors: Erik and Amy Simmons
June 17-23 SR High Camp (Grades 10-12) - Directors: Jeff and Shelly Morrison
June 24-30 JR High Camp (Grades 7-9)

RESTORATION CAMPING INC. (RCI) - Go to RCICamps.org for more information
June 23-29 Mountain Camp(Grades 10-13) - Colorado
July 7-13 Leadership Camp (Grades 10-13) - Odessa Hills
July 8-14 Bountiful (Grades 7-9) - Odessa Hills
July 15-21 Mammoth Camp (Grades 9-13) - Lake of the Ozarks
July 22-25 Tiona (Girls Grades  4-7) - Odessa Hills
July 25-28 Liahona (Boys Grades 4-7) - Odessa Hills      
July 30-Aug. 3 Walk the Talk (Grades 10-13) - Odessa Hills

NORTHWEST REGION(Oregon/Washington)
Aug. 5-10 Grades 6-12 at Yacolt, WA Contact: Kevin Herren 523-562-9384

July 4-8 2000 Strong Adventure Camp, Contact: Jerry Skotak 214-574-3051 Camp begins at 5 PM on July 4 and concludes on Sunday July 8. There are two camps held concurrently. A youth camp for ages 8-18 and a young adult camp for ages 18-25. The camps are at the Collin County Adventure 1180 W. Houston St. Anna, TX.

If any corrections need to be made, contact Paul Gage at 816-833-6552 or pauljg_64055@yahoo.com