Domestic Outreach Program

Domestic Outreach Ministry

Over the years, many people have dedicated their time in providing ministry throughout the United States and Canada. Since the 2017 Elder’s Conference and Reunion, we, as a body, have renewed our dedication to this field of ministry. Last year we had eleven regional gatherings where Saints in a geographical area came together to worship, study, and have discussion, as well as numerous trips providing ministry to the scattered Saints.

At the 2018 Elder’s Conference and Reunion, the body decided to continue this ministry and to continue it under the direction of the Coordinating Council. The Coordinating Council has asked Brian Mundy to organize this ministry. Please contact Brian if you would like ministry brought to your area, whether it be individually, for a group, or for an area.

Brian Mundy

Also, for those priesthood willing to travel and bring ministry, please contact Brian or fill out the Traveling Ministry form. You can access the form directly using the following link:  

This program is designed to offer and provide ministry to any and all Saints in the United States and Canada. Ministry available includes: preaching, teaching, women’s ministries, youth ministries, stewardship ministries, educational ministries, evangelistic outreach, revivals, witnessing weekends, and so forth. This program is willing to help in any situation, whether it be one person, a family, a small group, a branch, or a region. All we need is a phone call or email from YOU.