2019 Restoration Branch Family Reunion & 
Conference of Restoration Elders

June 23 thru June 26, 2019
Adult Classes and Sermons (Audio)

Sunday – Be Ye Transformed for our journey to Zion
     - Morning Message: Priest Joshua Lloyd
     - Evening Message: Seventy Richard Neill

Monday - Be Ye Transformed through fasting and prayer
     - Morning Class: Elder Shaun Turner
     - Evening Message: Elder Tom Mitchell

Tuesday – Be Ye Transformed through the renewing of your heart and mind
     - Morning Class: Elder Steve Kropp
     - Afternoon Class: Priest Andrew Joyce
     - Evening Message: Elder Larry Cottrill

Wednesday – Be Ye Transformed and be a good steward
     - Morning Class: Elder Bob Dickson
     - Evening Message: Elder Brian Herren

Thursday – Be Ye Transformed and live like Jesus
     - Morning Class: Elder Doug Smith
     - Afternoon Class: Elder Ram Barral
     - Evening Message: Elder David Joyce

Friday – Be Ye Transformed and bear good fruit
     - Morning Class: Elder Aaron Smith
     - Afternoon Discussion 1: Seventy Richard Neill
     - Afternoon Discussion 2: Elder Brian Mundy
     - Evening Message: Elder Eric Odida