The Conference of Restoration Elders


Women's Council
 2018 Theme

"Blessings in Our Brokenness"
II Corinthians 1:3-4

Council Purpose

To aid and assist women of the Restoration to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and with each other.  This is part of every woman’s stewardship.

The Restoration Women’s Council, under the guidance of the Elders’ Conference, has the responsibility to:

- Plan and organize instructional seminars for women’s departments.
- Plan and organize women’s retreats.
- Plan classes and activities for women during the annual Elders’ Conference.
- Create & distribute a Newsletter that provides inspiring articles, testimonies & information about upcoming RWC events.
- Provide informative articles for Tidings of Zion.
- Accept assignments to reunions, institutes, and retreats, wherever there is a need for their service.      

It is the desire of the Council to represent the women from all branches.


Council Membership:

Barb Capps
Nicole Capps
Angie Goff
Helen Jones
Karen Parker

Jennifer Raffety
Monica Rush





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