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Good Friday Prayer Service for Youth (Virtual)
Friday, April 10, 2020 at 7:00 PM CST

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  View All Saints Palm Sunday
Worship Servie - 
April 5, 2020

View All Saints Prayer Serivice
March 29, 2020



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The Living Church
Classes taught by Seventy Richard Neill

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Living Hope RB website

Restoration Branch Directory (printable) 

2020 January Priesthood & Men's Retreat
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         2019 CRE Minutes 
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          2018 CRE Minutes 
         Sermons and Classes 

2018 January Priesthood & Men's Retreat
         Retreat Classes & Materials

         Message on Charity 7/25/2017 
         2017 CRE Minutes

 I Believe Evangelism Series 
by Bob Bobbitt

Preparing To Be Endowed
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Online Worship Services

Prayer Service - April 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM
High Priest Steve Bohall Presiding

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Meeting ID: 399 324 337 (If needed)
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Additional Online Worship Service Invitations,
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2020 Restoration Branch Family Reunion
& Conference of Restoration Elders
June 21-26, 2020


The Pastors of Zion (POZ) and the Conference of Restoration Elders (CRE) invite all restoration branch saints and priesthood to consider participating in the 2020 Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders. The combined reunion and elder’s conference will be held at the Center Place Restoration School CPRS)/Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch. There is only one registration form for both the Reunion and the CRE. 

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As in previous years, the primary focus of the week will be on worship, classes and fellowship for all, and an opportunity for the Elders to meet in conference. This year’s overall theme is: 

Settle This in Your Hearts: Take Up Your Cross and Be My Disciple 
(Luke 14:27-28)


 Domestic Outreach Ministry

By: Brian K. Mundy

Over the years, many people have dedicated their time in providing ministry throughout the United States and Canada.  Since the 2017 Elder’s Conference and Reunion, we, as a body, have renewed our dedication to this field of ministry.  Last year we had eleven regional gatherings where Saints in a geographical area came together to worship, study, and have discussion, as well as numerous trips providing ministry to the scattered Saints.

At the 2018 Elder’s Conference and Reunion, the body decided to continue this ministry, and to continue it under the direction of the Coordinating Council.  The Coordinating Council has asked Brian Mundy to organize this ministry.  Please contact Brian if you would like ministry brought to your area, whether it be individually, for a group, or for an area.

Brian Mundy - Call: 816-668-4521 or Email:

Also, for those priesthood willing to travel and bring ministry, please contact Brian or fill out the Traveling Ministry form. Click on this link to access the form: 



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