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2014 Restoration Branch Reunions

2014 Restoration Branch Reunions (Printer Friendly of Reunions and Retreats)

June 2-7  Zion’s Ridge Reunion at Independence, Missouri
Contact: Ray Lane 816-650-6573

June 8-14  South Crysler Restoration Branch at Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa
Contact: Richard Mark 816-795-50        Registrars: Paul and Lynette Davis 816-795-0703

June 21-28  Central Missouri Restoration Branches at Odessa Hills Campgrounds Odessa, Missouri
Contact: or Howard Parker 816-230-4000

June 22-27  Restoration Branch Family Reunion & Conference  of Restoration Elders
at Independence, Missouri—Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch/CPRS
Contact: CRE Office 816-836-3421  or websites  or

June 28-July 4  Buckner  Restoration Branch at Odessa Hills Campgrounds Odessa, Missouri
Contact: Eric Baker 816-765-8802

July 5-12 Orthodox RLDS at Odessa Hills Campgrounds Odessa, Missouri
Contact: Russ Copus 573-480-7820

July 13-18  Montana-Dakota Restoration Family at White Sulphur Springs, Montana
Contact: Albert & Shelley Schmidt 816-461-2883 (MUST Register by April 1, 2014)

July 19-26  Maine Restoration Reunion at Brooksville, Maine
Contact: Eddie Faulkingham 207-348-2297

July 19-26  Woodbine Reunion at Little Sioux, Iowa
Contact: Rick Tiffey 712-644-3297

July 28-August 3  Great  Lakes Regional Reunion at Vassar, Michigan
Contact: Helen Danicke 248-651-3208

August 2-8  Kirtland Area Family Reunion at Temple Grove Transfer, Pennsylvania
Contact: Peter Peterson 440-639-1752

August 11-17  Northwest  Regional Reunion at Vancouver, Washington
Contact: Brian Herren 503-949-2482

If any additional camps, retreats, or reunion should be listed, or if any corrections are needed, please notify the CRE Office at 816-836-3421 or Paul Gage at pauljg_64055 @

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