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2017 Restoration Branch Reunions (Print Vestion)

June 5-10 - Zion’s Ridge - Independence, MO
Contact: Ray Lane 816-650-6573

June 10-17 - Central Missouri Restoration Branches - Odessa Hills Campgrounds Odessa, MO
Contact: visit  or 816-230-4000 or Judi Smith 816-633-4199

June 11-17 - South Crysler Restoration Branch - Graceland University Lamoni, Iowa
Contact: Todd Schoenemann 816-796-6945 Registrars: Paul and Lynette Davis 816-795-0703

June 25-30 - Restoration Branch Family Reunion and Conference of Restoration Elders -
Sponsored by the CRE and Pastors of Zion, Independence, MO at Waldo Avenue Restoration Branch/CPRS
Contact: CRE Office 816-836-3421, or visit

July 1-8 - Buckner Restoration Branch - Odessa Hills Campgrounds Odessa, MO
Contact: Eric Baker 816-765-8802

July 22-29 - Woodbine Iowa Reunion - Little Sioux, Iowa
Contact: Mic Coolman 712-310-7495

July 24-30 - Great Lakes Regional Reunion - Vassar, Michigan
Contact: Helen Danicke 248-651-3208

July 24-30 - Northwest Regional Reunion - Vancouver, Washington
Contact: Brian Herren 503-949-2484

July 29-Aug 4 - Kirtland Area Family Reunion - Temple Grove, Transfer, Pennsylvania
Contact: Peter Peterson 440-862-1029

July 29-Aug 5 - Maine Restoration Reunion - Brooksville, Maine
Contact: Eddie Faulkingham 207-348-2297



Northwest Regional Events
May 19-21, 2017 Men’s Retreat
June 2-4, 2017 Summer Preaching Series
Contact Brian Herren at 503-949-2484 for details.

CRE Women's CouncilThe Council functions to serve the women of the Restoration.
September 23-24 Fall Retreat at Odessa Hills Campgrounds
Contact Chair, Deana Griffin at 816-254-2806 for information about ministry and events.

CRE Annual Kirtland Priesthood Retreat
September 16-17, 2017

If any additional camps, retreats, or reunions should be listed or any corrections needed, please notify the CRE Office at 816-836-3421 or Paul Gage at





2017 Restoration Branch Youth Camps (Print Version)


June 11-17 Jr. High-Sr. High at Little Sioux, Iowa - Contact: Dave and Karla Hamblen 402-659-8211

July 9-13 Junior Camp at Little Sioux, Iowa - Contact: Gina Birdsall 712-456-2048 


July 9-15 Jr. High and Sr. High Zion’s Youth Camp Woodlands Campground Hale, MI - Contact: Shaun and Michelle Turner 616-951-2138 or 616-881-6309

July 16-22 Children’s Camp (Grades 3-7) at Eric Beach, Ontario CANADA - Contact: Betty Lou Newman 519-734-1097 


CENTRAL MISSOURI RESTORATION BRANCHES - Contact: for more information.
Odessa Hills Campgrounds, Odessa, MO - Genesis 9:22 “Embrace the Truth”

May 21-27 Older Youth Directors: Ron and Raylene Buckles

June 4-8 Junior Camp Directors: Mark and Jamie Bendorf

June 18-24 Senior High Camp Directors: Stu and Milee Gage

June 25-July 1 Junior High Camp Directors: Justin and Tiffany Jones

RESTORATION CAMPING INC. (RCI) - Contact: for more information.

June 5-9 Walk the Talk (grades 10-13) Odessa Hills

June 24-30 Mountain Camp (grades 10-13) Colorado

July 8-14 Leadership Camp (grades 10-13) Odessa Hills

July 9-15 Bountiful (grades 7-9) Odessa Hills

July 16-22 Mammoth Camp (grades 9-13) Lake of the Ozarks

July 23-26 Tiona (Girls grades 4-7) Odessa Hills

July 26-29 Liahona (Boys grades 4-7) Odessa Hills

NORTHWEST REGION (Oregon/Washington)

July 30 - August 5 Grades 6-12 at Yacolt, WA
Contact: Dustin Mason 360-931-1738


July 5-9 2000 Strong Adventure Camp Camp begins at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, July 5 and concludes Sunday, July 9. There are two camps held concurrently. A youth camp for ages 8-18 and a young adult camp for those 18-25 (or close to 25). The camps are held at the Collin County Adventure, 1180 W. Houston St, Anna, TX. The Collin County Adventure Camp is staffed and managed by the Dallas Metropolitan YMCA.
Contact: or Jerry Skotak @ 214-574-3051 or

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