Nepal Report

As of February 9, 2016

The mission fields of Nepal, Northeast India and Sikkim are sheltered in the shadow of the mighty Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world. Eight of the ten tallest peaks on earth are located in Nepal, or on the borders shared with China-Tibet and India-Sikkim. Mount Everest, straddling the Chinese/Nepal border in northeast Nepal, reaches up to a height of more than 29,000 feet, and is still growing.

The history of Nepal must also include Sikkim and Northeast India, because in the late 1700’s the Gorkhalis [Nepalese] had expanded their territory to the Tista River in the east, which would have included most of present-day Sikkim, which is now included in the State of  West Bengal of India.

The Restoration Branch’s first mission to Nepal was in January of 1998. Frank Frye, George Thomas and Arturo Gomez were the first elders to visit this area. Although the history of the missionary work of the elders representing the restoration branches began in 1998, the teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as it is taught in the many restoration branches around the world, was limited to only one; Kuleshwor-Kathmandu Restoration Branch, until the spring of 2006.

When I arrived in Kathmandu on May 3, 2006, I sensed that conditions of Christian missionary work in Nepal, Northeast India and Sikkim, were probably more favorable than ever before, even from the days of Jesus’ ministry in the first century. Thirty-eight persons were baptized within the first week after my arrival.

During the ensuing ten years, 2006-2016, the number of restoration Saints and branches have continued to grow, numerically and spiritually. At present there are nine branches with priesthood ministry in Nepal. Three of the Nepalese branches are located in the capital city of Kathmandu. The Nepalese branches are:


Branch Name                                               Location                                 Date Established

Satdobato-Kathmandu                               East Central                                        2006

Gorkha City, Gorkha                                  West Central                                       2006

Sinamangal-Kathmandu                             East Central                                        2008

Phikal-Ilam                                                      East                                                2008

Darchula                                                         West                                               2011

Gurung Khola                                                 Southwest                                       2011

Hattisude-Hetauda                                         South Central                                  2012

Surunga-Jhapa                                                 Southeast                                     2013

Chabehil-Kathmandu                                      East Central                                    2014


There are other Saints in scattered locations, such as Pokhara and elsewhere, but they are without priesthood leadership. Some members have left their homes to find employment in other countries.

The church was officially registered with the government of Nepal as the Church of Jesus Christ on July 2, 2012.

Total Membership in Nepal – 463

Total Priesthood in Nepal – 31


Sikkim – Northeast India Report

As of February 9, 2016


Sikkim and Northeast India have six branches. They are:


Branch Name                                              Location                              Date Established

Siliguri Tea Garden                                West Bengal, India                             2006

Geyzing                                                     West Sikkim                                    2007

Namchi-Karek                                           South Sikkim                                   2008

Singtam                                                    South Sikkim                                    2011

Seeyok Tea Estate                           Darjeeling District-Mirik                            2014

                                                            West Bengal, India                        

Chyangle                                                   South Sikkim                                   2014

There are other Saints in scattered locations, such as Gangtok, East Sikkim and elsewhere, without leadership. Some members have gone to other countries to find employment.

Total Membership in Sikkim/Northeast India – 92

Total Priesthood - 9